Frequently Asked Questions

General information and FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people ask me questions all the time. This is a list of the most common ones with their answers. As new questions become more popular, I’ll be adding them to this list as a knowledge resource for members and non-members (yet).

I am a model. How can I be in the galleries?

I have set up a page with information for models & agencies who want to work with me for the galleries I share here on the website. You can head up to this page to find that information apply to be a model by filling out a really short web form by clicking here.

Will the galleries also be published on Patreon?

No. The galleries will continue to be available exclusively on the website, although you will have to log in with Patreon to be able to unlock them.

Note: There will be some patreon-only posts that are not bnecessarily a full gallery that will be published on my Patreon timeline.

Why did you change the website?

The platform I was previously using was very limited, both for me and subscribers. This new platform allows me to accept more payment methods, so that more people can join as well as upload more content and organize it better.

I was a member in the previous website. What do I do to see the content?

First of all, thank you very much for following and supporting my work. The new website uses Patreon to handle memberships.

You will have to Sign Up! again to be able to see the galleries.

Memberships have been divided into tiers based on the type of content you’d like to see. Be sure to check out which tier works best for you.

Will I have access to old galleries in the new website?

Yes, access to all previously published galleries is granted to all current Patrons, based on their pledged amount.You can learn more about what type of content you get access to when you sign up via Patreon.

Can I use your images and share them somewhere else?

The content posted on this portal is protected by copyright, as well as by the image and privacy rights of the models, who have given their consent for a limited use of their image. Said content may not be copied, replicated or distributed in any digital or printed media, directly or indirectly, for any purpose. THE PRIVATE LENS reserves the right to initiate civil and criminal legal actions against those who violate this provision, in accordance with the legal provisions of the Dominican Republic on unauthorized use of intellectual property, and on high-tech crimes.