Female Empowerment and Art Nude Photography: The Correlation

July 6, 2020

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When it comes to being nude, most people – men and women – get camera shy. Everyone is so used to being clothed all the time, so when you see a nude photograph or drawing, you are automatically drawn to it. Most of the time, it doesn’t bring forth feelings of sexual urgency unless you know the person.

 What Does Empowerment Mean?

Before you can determine how art nude photography is empowering for females, you must know what that indicates. The term means that you are giving yourself power or authority to do something. You’re also giving the photographer empowerment to take your picture while you are naked.

Generally, it is seen as the ability to become confident and stronger while still focusing on your rights and being in control of your life.

Why Is It Empowering To Be Nude?

For centuries, men and women have been told to cover up. It’s not deemed socially acceptable to walk around outside while naked. Most women are warned from an early age that wearing skimpy outfits can be problematic around men. However, new-age movements are calling for this sexist ideal to be stopped.

Women have the right to wear what they please, and the naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. However, it’s ingrained in their minds from an early age (such as two or three years old), making them question themselves and their bodies.

When you have the confidence to stand in front of a mirror naked, you are empowered. You feel at one with yourself and can learn to love yourself fully. When you choose to be part of an art nude photography session, you are taking that self-love and growing with it. You’re telling the world that you are happy with your body and don’t mind showing it (tastefully).

“It’s empowering to pose nude because it makes me feel free and that helps remove the fear of posing many women have. After seeing the results, it makes me love photography even more as well as my own body.

Reyna Sánchez (Art Nude Model)
Reyna for The Private Lens Group, SRL. © The Private Lens Group, SRL. All rights reserved.

How To Ensure It’s Artistic

Many women desire to feel the excitement and rush of being nude and having someone take pictures of them. Though the nude selfie is always something you can try for yourself, it’s not quite the same. Of course, there are things you should do to prevent those photos from getting out on the internet. For example, save them in a separate file or delete them after taking them.

When you ask someone else to take a naked photo of you, it’s showing that you are comfortable with them and yourself. Generally, couples do this when they have been together for a while. It is a way to spice up the relationship.

However, some women never feel comfortable enough to do this. If that’s the case, you may choose to go to a professional photographer who specializes in nude photography.

Some women prefer to be around other women for this; it’s a little easier to be naked around another woman than a heterosexual man. You should request a consultation with the photographer before the session. That way, you can get to know the person and make sure that you feel comfortable around them.

Most photographers take regular pictures first to help you get comfortable with the lighting and being in front of the camera. Make sure you know what type of nudes you want. For example, many women prefer romantic or soft nudes, while some want bold, in-your-face nakedness.


If you want to feel female empowerment in the rawest of ways, now might be time to consider art nude photography. You can find a variety of photographers who are willing to do this and make you feel comfortable throughout the process. It’s a great way to show your self-love, break free from the constraints of clothes, and do something exciting and a little risqué.


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