How Financial and Economic Empowerment for Females Gives Women Joy

August 12, 2020

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Women have always been the one to stay at home. They cooked, cleaned, raised children, and took care of the household. Men often believed that they couldn’t be in the workforce because they were too delicate. However, what men didn’t realize was that taking care of the home and kids was a big job. It was more suitable for women because it was believed they couldn’t do anything else. Someone had to take care of the kids and make sure the ‘man of the house’ had food to eat that was fresh and delicious. Since he worked outside the home, it was said that he had the right to have his wife cook for him.

Though this is the past, it does help people understand the differences in the world then and now. Most women feel that they should join the workforce and be part of the economic development of their communities. While change was hard for women back then, it is considered the norm now.

Why Women Should Enjoy Their Rights

Many women almost feel guilt or shame for being in the workforce and enjoying what they do. It seems to go against everything they have been taught. Their parents’ generation had never thought of working, and only the lowest of classes had female workers. Now, however, women actually enjoy going to work and proving themselves.

This took a lot of time, as well. For a while, women had to work in female-only occupations, such as dress shops, beauty parlors, and the like. It was slightly degrading, but women were happy enough just getting to work and earn some money of their own.

However, that didn’t last long. Their husbands got upset that the women had spending money, thinking it might allow them to go off and do unspeakable things (such as go to the bars). Therefore, the men often took the hard-earned money from the women, believing they couldn’t handle the finances of the home.

Clearly, from this brief history lesson, you can see the women have had it very hard in the past. Therefore, their right to earn money and control their time, income, and assets are highly significant.

The Difference Now

Though some people still believe that a woman’s place is at home, most women have become empowered financially and economically. They know their place in the world and can be doctors, IT professionals, electricians, and anything else they desire to be. Of course, some women work hard and make small sums of money, while others are raking it in.

There are issues with women not getting paid the same amount as a man in the same role. This has been debated and fought for many decades, and it rages on in some industries and cities. Still, women know their worth, which is empowering in itself.

Of course, with that comes a great income that allows women to be financially free of men. Some women still prefer to get married, have children, and settle down. However, the definition of that has changed. Many households are two-income families because everything is more expensive, but wages are still similar. Most men enjoy the fact that their wives can go out and earn a living and be financially independent. Those men who don’t are often single.

Time is another concern, though. Women who choose to have children now have to leave the home and their kids for long periods of time to work. Of course, this has been happening for many generations. Babysitters and daycare centers are so popular because of that. Still, it’s hard for women to leave their kids for long periods. They know it’s essential for them to earn enough money to support their children, but it’s still a challenge to find a balance between work and time with the family.

Most women still feel empowered because they can control their time spent at work. They can take time off, work fewer hours, and do what they need to do to be there for their children.

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Improve Their Status

Of course, women now want to manage the risks involved with working. They don’t want to be reliant on men, even loving husbands. This goal wasn’t always attainable in the US, but it is now, and women have embraced it wholeheartedly. They can now manage the risk of their resources and assets. A woman can now research different methods of investing and put their money where they desire to do so. They don’t need approval or permission from a man. This is paramount for them to improve their well-being and economic status.

How Modern Society Prevents Women from Being Financially Independent

Even though women have come a long way for the financial independence, society (even now) is working hard to prevent them from doing so. Of course, long work hours prevent them from being with their children. Most companies don’t have good sick leave and sick pay features, which means if there is a sick child, the woman has to take off work and miss pay. This may also risk her job in general if she must take off multiple days, and her boss feels that it is excessive.

In the United States, the IRS also prevents women from being financially independent. Most of the time, women can’t file as head of the household, even though there are significant tax breaks for doing this.

Of course, you also have to think of the rules in place for most businesses. The government focuses on feminization of poverty, which means that there are differences in living standards for men and women. Women get paid less. They have to work harder to earn money and may not have the same opportunities for investment, retirement, and credit. These things can hurt a woman’s ability to become financially independent. Plus, some third-world countries don’t allow women to work at all or still hold them as second-class citizens compared to men.

There is always going to be an uphill battle for women everywhere. However, the goal is not to quit. As long as you are working hard, you can be empowered financially and can help the economic world, as well.


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