Why Is Nudity Associated With Sex?

August 8, 2021

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I remember the first time I went topless on a beach back in the Dominican Republic in January 2017. I was having a good time with a friend when a group of men arrived (some of them I knew) and at that moment I didn’t notice that some of them recorded me while tanning topless and sent those photos on group chats.

Later I found out about the videos and I remember the horrible things that they were saying about me in the chats; that I was a slut… and much “worse” lol.

I’ve always felt comfortable being naked. I remember telling my mom at around age 4 to take naked pictures of me. Come on… what’s the big deal?…I came to this world completely naked after all.

I believe every woman has the right to go topless on a beach. At the end of the day it is her body and her choices. For her alone to make. What really surprises me here is that most men in our society believe they have the right to tell a woman what they can or cannot do with her body. But never the other way around.

At some point, I honestly questioned myself. I analyze everything and I tend to overthink my own behaviors, preferences and manners. It is part of getting to know myself.

I ask myself if that incident at the beach was my fault… or could it have something to do with the awful sex education for all genders, the slut shaming, the beauty standards, the over- sexualization of women, the media, pornography, societal norms, censorship, the patriarchy, body shaming and many other problems we live with since the beginning of time.

“It’s empowering to pose nude because it makes me feel free and that helps remove the fear of posing many women have. After seeing the results, it makes me love photography even more as well as my own body.”

Reyna Sánchez (Nude Model)
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Nah… You’re right! Definitely my fault for being so sexy. 

I came to the conclusion that from the moment we are born, women are told what to do. Don’t show much skin, cover up. We are faced with an endless stream of contradictory advice that we HAVE to follow just so that other people don’t do bad things to us. It is not our responsibility to not be sexy or to follow the rules, it is other people’s responsibility to not be a**holes.

To do that, we need to separate being nude from being sexy, allowing women to be themselves in their body’s, however it may look or feel..

If you’re a sexist reading this and you’re not quite convinced and think women should look and act exactly according to your ideals so you can carry on shouting at them in the street, think of it like this: the more comfortable women are in their bodies, the sexier they’ll feel and act, and above all, be. That means better sex for you. So it is basically a win-win scenario for all parties.

Let’s start making a change by normalizing nudity (and female pleasure). It’s time to let women do whatever we want to do. A nude is not reserved for being sexy for another person. Let’s educate everyone that tells women we have to look and/or act a certain way.

How? Invalidating the language and sexism our society has been built upon from the beginning up until now and instead celebrating femininity and nudity in its many forms. It’s time to let women do whatever we wanna do. A nude is not reserved for being sexy or for another person, say no to “send nudes” and yes to being nude. 

Stop sexualizing nudity. 😎


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