How I Got To My Late 20’s Looking Like My Early 20’s

November 9, 2021

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Today I turn 29, and despite the number listed on my IDs and the forms I fill out, I personally still don’t feel 29. In fact, I don’t think others believe it either as I am consistently asked, almost on a daily basis to either confirm my age, show my ID or prove that I am not “22y/o” or in some cases younger. I must say, I appreciate the compliment, and all my life I’ve told people that I have some sort of “factory fault”, so I’d like to thank my parents for the good genes.

But good genes don’t do much if they are not partnered with good habits. There’s some stuff that I’ve done consistently along the way that have helped me too. I want to share them here in case they can help you as well.

  1. Drink lots of water and practice physical activity regularly: sometimes we underestimate the power of good habits and how positively they can impact our lives. Discipline and constancy are key.
  2. Keep your inner child alive: this is important in order to be a stable adult.
  3. Leave your hometown and your parents’ house in your 20’s or as soon as you can.
  4. Don’t be afraid to leave toxic relationships: it’ll feel like the end of the world but it is just the beginning of something better. There are partners that give you wings and there are partners that are anchors. Learn the difference and act accordingly.
  5. Buy some bitcoin and never sell it. Ten years from now you will thank me. Also ignore all the shitcoins.
  6. The greatest gift to yourself is for you to be comfortable alone with your thoughts.
  7. You are the result of the people you hang out with. Choose wisely. Don’t settle for shitty company.
  8. Stretch a lot.
  9. Take direct sunlight everyday.
  10. Quit birth control pills and use other methods. Before having kids get some plants and a pet.
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11. In order to enhance your level of self-awareness meditate more, heal your childhood wounds, raise your vibe, practice morning rituals, affirmations, learn the difference between religion and spirituality.

12. Stay curious: your 20’s are the era to try new things and to be open to new experiences. Never settle. Do whatever you want to do because people are going to have their own opinions anyway.

13. Quit perfumes and start using essential oils.

14. Learn which are your gifts in life and use them in your favor.

15. You are going to receive more support from people that don’t know you. This is a hard pill to swallow but accepting this is key. Instead be an example and support your friends and family more than you support famous people you don’t know.

16. Forgive your parents. They did the best they could do. It may not be good enough but it was their best… and accept the fact that the older they get the more stubborn.

17. Nothing will have you more depressed than a shitty job. Quit and create a business. Don’t be afraid to fail, you are going to either succeed or learn.

18. Identify your core values.

19. Act from a place of love. Karma is real, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Don’t be selfish.

20. Holding grudges will only make you look old. Learn to let go.

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21. Get the damm tattoo.

22. Control your emotions and become aware of them. Never give someone the power of controlling your mood. No one deserves that.

23. Lift heavy weights and eat meat.

24. Work hard and hustle but family comes first. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman that serves her family.

25. Stay in your feminine energy. Be kind to other women. Create bonds with soul-sisters and surround yourself with supportive women. Hating women will only make you look old, fat and ugly.

26. Mindset is everything. Be aware of your self-talk. Overthinking will kill you. Learn the difference between being distracted and being “depressed”. You don’t need psychopharmaceuticals you just need to be dropped in a desert in Africa to actually appreciate what you have in life.

27. Communicate. If you don’t know how, educate yourself and learn some communication skills. If you grew up in a purity culture, don’t be afraid of direct communication about sex. Ask everything.

28. Read more and listen to podcasts. Especially Jordan Peterson & Tony Robbins.

29. Start journaling.

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