How To Get A Woman Wet Before You Even Touch Her…

March 17, 2022

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There’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes to lubrication and sex. Some people think that women get immediately wet in the same way men can almost immediately get hard.

Furthermore, even after a woman starts getting wet, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s ready for penetration. Women’s arousal is a process that really starts in the brain. 

By now, you probably know that every woman is different when it comes to not only sex, but also preparing for sex. And hopefully, by now, you also know how important foreplay is before engaging in intercourse, especially for a woman. But if you’re still subscribing to the notion that simply kissing her neck or barely touching her will make her lubricated and ready-to-go, then it’s time for a lesson in female lubrication. 

I believe women have a strong selective nature, most of us are sapiosexuals and this can be proven by how strictly a woman selects a man to get intimate with and the amount of certain checkmarks & requirements that a man needs to meet have in order for them to have said woman literally and figuratively open herself up.

So yes bro, there are some guidelines that you must follow need to master if you want to be a strong masculine man and attract women.

How To Get A Woman Wet Before You Even Touch Her
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1) Mindset shift:

You need to establish rapport first. Only from there can you get to the action phase. To build rapport, speak to her. Ask her questions about how her day went, how’s work doing, make a joke, try to make her smile.

If you compliment her on something specific, "Hey, your hair looks really good" and just smile, do you think she will be rude to you? Of course probably not. Unless she’s a bitch, in which case you may want to either move on, or up your game if she’s shit-testing you.

So keep this in mind. Rapport comes first.

Show her that you care. Make her laugh. Be a gentleman.

2) Make her feel safe with you

If a woman does not feeling safe around you, you are not getting laid. Provide a safe environment by being a gentleman, present and showing kind gestures. Show her that you can protect her.

We want to feel that if the end of the world comes, that you’ve got us.

Men with a strong masculine energy and high level of self-awareness will understand this deeply.

3) Let her know that you can dominate and lead her.

This domination starts by the way you grab her with your hands and arms. You are the one that needs to shows her who is leading, who the man is. 

Grab her with both of your hands in the waist-hips area while you look her straight in the eyes. Once you have rapport, place one hand in her neck. If she’s feeling you, she will allow you and become vulnerable.

Women love being man-handled, but only after there is rapport and she feels safe.

If you have never done this, follow the steps above and ask for feedback.

4) DO’S:

  • Look her in the eye 
  • Approach from the front  
  • Have a Smile
  • Be confident
  • Be steady

5) DON’TS:

  • Creepy, unsure moves
  • Fast or jerky reactions 
  • Never approach her from behind (unless you have a HUGE amount of rapport).
  • Don't be in her face all the time, give her space.
  • Don’t try to over-compensate.
  • Don’t be needy.


Expressing your best self, NOT impressing. 

You have to own the frame and with that, once rapport has developed, she will enter it. That’s when you own her.


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